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Video Job Interview Coaching

Imagine yourself: Efficient, Productive and Confident! Feels Awesome? Let me help you make it happen.

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Get an extra edge and be memorable in your virtual interview.

Virtual Job Interview CoachingIt is challenging enough to ace a face-to-face, in-person interview. But when your presentation gets conveyed on a small screen on a computer or a cell phone, technology distorts the impact of your voice, body language and physical presence. Virtual interviewing is now the norm, but it doesn’t have to be your downfall. With professional feedback and practice, you can avoid making the wrong or a weak impression.

Get an extra edge and be memorable in your virtual interview. We will work together to create a vocal image that communicates the outcome you want to achieve: Leadership or Managerial potential? Administrative or support staff potential? Are you seeking a student, internship or cooperative opportunity?

How does the coaching work?  In five or fewer Zoom, Skype or Face Time sessions, we revise or enhance the perception you will make on an employer in an online or phone interview. The media coaching strategies and role-playing practice will enhance your career opportunities and give you an extra competitive edge for a lifetime of career success. Following a 30 minute assessment of your current online interview presence ($75), the coaching sessions (30 minutes x 5 = $250) include ways to:

  • Eliminate unhelpful voice and speech habits – mumbling, fillers like “um” or “uh”, too high pitch, too soft volume, a rapid rate of speech or other distractible traits that are magnified online
  • Do away with annoying physical mannerisms you may not be aware of
  • Strengthen helpful voice and speech dynamics − enhancing clear, crisp articulation and vocal emphasis that make your message pop. Add to that a well supported and modulated voice that exudes confidence
  • Improve your listening skills – specifically answering the question, paraphrasing accurately, monitoring your language, not interrupting
  • Keep your answers succinct and to the point, with well-organized thoughts rather than rambling or repetitive gestures
  • Improve your storytelling skills for sharing experiences that make you memorable
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