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by | Dec 16, 2023 | Entrepreneurship

At the close of 2023, you may be elated, neutral or downright discouraged with your venture’s progress. This post is for those who find themselves more often in the last 2 buckets of “blah.” The more we stay in “blah” the more we strengthen that brain circuit of negativity.

What can you do to weaken that circuit of negativity and, instead, strengthen the circuit of doing and possibility?

Create your personal manifesto. It is a statement of commitment. Complete these sentences and post them in a place to reinforce your “WHY.” Visit your manifesto every morning to reinforce your intention to take action. Read it aloud or silently. You may record it and play it as you prepare for your day. Speak it aloud to others as a way of holding you accountable to your commitment.

My purpose in doing the work, including the boring, tedious stuff is to___________.

My mission is to___________.

I have taken on this challenge because____________.

I have to give myself credit for____________. 

My response to the inner critic is to  ____________.

I’ll be kind to myself by _________________.

I’ll reward myself for meeting today’s challenges by____________.

Before I go to bed tonight, I will assess my progress and how I can improve tomorrow. I will visualize my best self, working through tomorrow’s challenges with vigor.

Some people rely on external reinforcers to make big things happen. Others look internally ─ they pray, journal, or talk to themselves.  Your personal manifesto is a powerful combination of all three. Give it a try.

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