Are you angry, frustrated, or aghast at what’s happening in our country?

It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, politics has become an addiction. This weekend I heard from an accountant friend, Jake, a typically calm and happy fellow, who owns his own practice. He’s preparing for tax season, but deeply entrenched in the political scene. Focus and concentration was never an issue for Jake; but now, he feels he is losing control. Sleep deprived and irritable, Jake spoke in a frantic hush, “It ( the news) is just more insanity. I can’t believe what’s happening. It makes my blood boil! I need to stop.”  We concluded that an addiction to politics is just  as menacing as drugs, gaming and gambling,

As a caring citizen with concerns about our personal freedoms, I can relate to Jake. For the last year, I peered into the maelstrom of political junkie-hood, probed the legalities, and grasped for the facts. When the state of affairs began to keep me awake at night, it was time to take a step back. So, I looked to the Stoics.

According to Stoic philosophy, it is important to know what is inside your circle or sphere of control and what is not. That sphere of control is your MIND. You decide how to keep politics and anything else from hijacking your mind, your sphere of control.

This is an opportunity for us, the COREageous, in these trying times to reinforce our sphere of control and to reMIND ourselves that we have the willpower to make the choice to free ourselves from these intrusions and the ills it brings. Instead of reaching for your phone for the latest headlines, choose nature over news, music over mayhem, cooking over chaos. Explore and preserve your sphere of control and the healthy choices within.

Having troubles focusing and getting things done amidst the craziness? Get your control back with coaching. Contact me at [email protected]


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