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CollegeCORE Reviews

When my parents brought up summer CollegeCoreCoaching I couldn’t imagine how it could help me without having classes. I learned that doing well in school is about creating a structure and accounting for my time. Having independence was about being accountable and I never had that sense. It’s great. You taught me how to move to problem-solving mode from the usual shame and blame. That was the best part. Got all my grades in the B+ range, which is huge for me. Parents are happy.

Josh B.
Bloomington, IN

CollegeCORE Reviews

Rebecca, the CollegeCoreCoaching last summer helped me return to college and get off probation. In our sessions, I learned how to set a schedule and tackle procrastination the 80/20 way. It’s been great. My relationship with my parents is so much better and I feel in control. Did I tell you I finished this semester with a 3.3 average?

Reid K.
Houston, TX

CollegeCORE Reviews

Rebecca, your mentorship has steered my son down a better path. He focuses on his WHYs and WHY NOTs to drive his motivation. Your Go Micro approach has been just what he has needed all these years. We are so proud of what he has accomplished. I want him to use you as a resource as an entrepreneur.

Gary J.
Portsmouth, N.H.

CollegeCORE Reviews

Rebecca, I’m so pleased with how you have transformed my son’s life with your CoreCoaching. Did I ever tell you that?  I know he can get narrow and very rigid in his thinking, but you have expanded his vision dramatically.  It’s funny because we are not conservative and narrow in our thinking.  Not at all!  I am always so surprised to hear him consider different perspectives before he lands on an opinion. This is great progress personally and socially. Thank you, Rebecca!

Denise G.
Manchester, N.H.

CollegeCORE Reviews

Our family wants to thank you for helping Jonas experience success on many levels this semester. Midterm is usually a down time for all of us, but this year it was a time to celebrate – terrific grades! More than grades, you taught Jonah how to step back and solve problems and advocate for himself. Even my husband is using your methods to be a better

Alison K. Beverly,MA

CollegeCORE Reviews

We are amazed at Jeffrey’s successful return to college this semester. His ADHD is still a challenge, but it is so much more manageable since working with you. Probably the biggest gains are from his “self-leadership” practice with you. He is accountable and responsible and no longer a procrastinator. We are very happy with his success.

Greg S. Boston,MA

CollegeCORE Reviews

Rebecca, Thanks for making our family’s holiday a very happy one. Brian came home with a high B average at midterms! What a change from last semester. Keeping him calm and organized was such a game changer for him. He appreciated your check in calls as they gave him much consolation and support when it came to test time. Brian is having an easier time advocating for himself and studying more effectively for tests. Our whole family appreciates what you did for him.

Many thanks!
Jennifer B. Fort Collins, CO

CollegeCORE Reviews

Thank you so much Rebecca. Lara was going to give up. It was the end of a really stressful semester and she was done.  Had you not told Jonah to do this repeatedly, I could not have passed on your infinite wisdom!!!!!  And she graduated Summa Cum Laude…  

It wouldn’t have happened without your expertise. My gratitude for all that you’ve done grows daily even when I don’t think it can possibly grow anymore.  Read Full Review

Patricia G.

CollegeCORE Reviews

Because of Becky’s work with our son, he had a successful fall semester, was able to get re-admitted into his four-year school, and earned a 3.17 in engineering this spring semester.  This was the best semester GPA he has earned in college.  Best of all, our capable son believes in himself again. Read Full Review

L. Culver
Philadelphia, PA

CollegeCore Coaching is more than about getting good grades. It prepares you for LIFE!

  • Are you a college student overwhelmed with assignments?
  • Easily distracted?
  • Disorganized?
  • Producing subpar grades?
  • Lacking the kinds of study skills that work best for you?

ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach
As a speech/language pathologist and executive functioning coach, I have worked with hundreds of ADHD college and college-bound students for over 25 years. My CollegeCoreCoaching is a positive, confidence-building approach for developing the core skills and routines that enable academic success. The CollegeCoreCoaching experience prepares you for real world success in the workplace and in relationships.

Depending on the student’s needs, these are some of the challenges we tackle:

  • Distraction control
  • Time awareness and time accountability
  • The 80→20 approach for ending procrastination
  • Strengthening attention and concentration skills
  • Study strategies that work for your kind of brain
  • Optimizing sleep, exercise and stress management.
  • Self-advocacy. Asking for help when needed, seeking alternative resources, learning how to connect with “difficult” teachers.
  • Setting SMART goals and how to achieve them
  • Enhancing critical thinking, decision-making and communication
  • Emotional self-regulation to help you move swiftly from a problem to solution mode.
  • Self- motivation 

Summer CollegeCoreCoaching is also available

Summer CollegeCor Coaching is a one-on-one, personalized program for high school juniors and seniors on a college track and for college students returning to school in the fall.


Lets Get Started!

Here’s the process:

  1. A complementary inquiry conversation to identify your strengths and areas you’d like to improve.
  2. An hour intake session to strategize and make a plan for taking first steps.
  3. Weekly 30 minute coaching sessions are scheduled, including accountability check-ins to gauge progress or to tweak the expectations for the week. Students are encouraged to reach out any time between sessions.

Contact me to set up a complimentary zoom or phone CollegeCore inquiry session. The initial 90 minute intake session is $375. Coaching sessions are $75/30 minutes and may be reimbursable through your insurance.

Set up your complimentary conversation.

I want to learn about you and what you want to achieve. 

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